The Network will fund activities to promote the use of large scale facilities to explore batteries and electrochemical devices- for example, by supporting researcher mobility through the STFC Futures Early Career Award Scheme

All applications for funding will be peer-reviewed by the steering committee and subject to terms & conditions.

Experimental Design Awards

Date - October 2016

This grant scheme will provide up to £8000 for research consumables to support the development of in-situ environments for large-scale facilities research.

Proof of Concept Grants

Date - February 2017

The proof of concept grant provides up to £40k (£32k at 80% FEC) for small scale proof of concept projects pertaining to electrochemical energy research

STFC Futures Early Career Awards

Date - June 2017

The STFC Early Career Award is designed to enable mobility of researchers between UK and international institutions, offering grants of up to £2,000 for travel and subsistence.